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Daniel Gotlieb, Ph.D. Host, Voices in the Family

"Carolyn Hannan Bell has given a gift to thousands of children and their parents with her book: "Daddy's Disease". A wonderful book for children who have a parent who has alcoholism. With gentle insight and poignant stories, she introduces us to 7-year-old Tommy whose father is an active alcoholic. Like most children of alcoholics, he is confused, angry and feels it's his fault. This is where Carolyn takes over the voice of Tommy's mother and holds his hand and heart while she guides them through these difficult waters. This is a children's book that everyone living with alcohol should read."

-Dr. Gotlieb is the host of "Voices in the Family" on WHYY Public Radio and the author of "Letters to Sam" and "Wisdom of Sam." You can hear Carolyn on his show here.

Kyczy writer, yogarecovery.com

"...Carolyn Hannan Bell, M.S., L.P.C. comes upon the scene with these two books, “Mommy’s Disease” and “Daddy’s Disease” that lead both the reader AND the listener on a journey through understanding the disease of alcoholism. Drawing parallels between the child’s personal experiences and the symptoms of addiction, the parent is able to bring the discussion to the level of a child’s understanding without talking down to the kid. This makes the lesson “hearable”. Short enough to be read in a sitting but full and long enough to take time in moving from one aspect of the disease to another, the author draws on age appropriate childhood experiences to help the kid gain an understanding on a personal level about what the disease is all about, in a way that the 7 year old can understand."

-Kyczy is the author of "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path" and designer of the SOAR™ teacher certification. You can read her full article on Mommy's Disease and Daddy's Disease here.

Press: On the Courier Post, writer: Kim Mulford

"As a Cherry Hill psychotherapist, Carolyn Hannan Bell counsels mostly adults, but she sees the long-term effects on children of a parent’s addiction. So when one client asked for advice on how to tell his 7-year-old daughter about his alcoholism, an idea for a children’s book took root..."

"...must read for children dealing with an alcoholic parent..."

"Daddy's Disease is a well written and informative book that manages to connect with kids of all ages. It addresses the feelings that so many kids of alcoholic parents have and helps them understand those feelings as well as understand alcoholism. I was impressed with how well the author was able to explain the disease of alcoholism in terms that a child can relate to. This book will help so many children deal with their feelings of hurt and confusion.. A MUST read!"

-Suzanne K.

"...powerful message for readers of all ages..."

"Well done. Explains alcoholism through examples so simply that a child can understand. As an alcoholic myself, I was impressed at how well it explains the mind of the alcoholic, even diving into the deeper issues like the shame that the alcoholic experiences after drinking and how all the behavior and changes the people around the alcoholic try to make won't make a difference - the alcoholic has to want to fix himself first in order to get well. The author clearly understands the mind of an alcoholic, and does a fine job explaining it in a simple, easy to understand manner. I was most surprised to find that the book, while geared towards children, explains alcoholism so simply yet so well that I find myself wishing that many adults in my life could read and grasp the message that this short book drives home. It is, in my opinion, a great read for anyone that has someone suffering from alcoholism in their lives. Five stars!"


"...a most important topic..."

"This book is a must-have for every school and public library, as well as for families dealing with an alcoholic parent. It is written so it is easy for children to understand, with beautiful illustrations that engage the reader. This is an important book in that it brings the shame and secrecy of alcoholism into an arena of understanding for children who often feel responsible for the actions of their parents. It is an excellent addition to this library's collection."

-Karen C.